• Get the info about your destination and study the trekking route. Read about the things to be explored in treks.
  • Get to know about the trekking group you are going with. Read about their reviews and know about their experience and expertise in the field.
  • Exchange trek Leaders contact with your parents at home. That helps to communicate in case of an emergency.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before the trek. Carry enough water for the trek.
  • Wrap all your things in plastic so as to protect it from getting wet.
  • Use proper trekking shoes or sports shoes that can grip on the wet rock. Action Trekking shoes are the best to use in Sahyadries. Avoid wearing chappals and sandals.
  • Preferably wear long sleeve T shirt and full pant / track pant. It protects you from insect bites and scratches caused by thorns. Avoid wearing sleeveless T shirts, Three fourth or Half Pants.
  • Always stay with the group. Inform the group leader in case you need to go away from group.
  • Avoid going on the cliffs for photography / selfies.
  • Always carry your personal medication with you during the trek.
  • Respect Nature. Do not shout and disturb the wildlife in the mountains and jungles.
  • Keep the area clean. Do not throw garbage on the trekking route. Instead carry it with you and dump in the dustbin.

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