• Carry your original ID cards mentioned while safari bookings. One has to display them at the forest entry gate. So carry them with you during all safaries.
  • Reach the forest entry gate at least half an hour before the entry time.
  • Respect Forest guides and gypsy drivers and follow their instructions.
  • Tiger sighting is a matter of luck. Enjoy other wildlife and birds in the jungle. No one can guarantee you of a TIGER and thats the fun of it. Patience is a key.
  • Carrying a binocular and field guide is recommended. Do not use Camera Flash while clicking wild animals and birds.
  • Preferably wear dull coloured clothes like Khakhi, Green, Brown, Gray etc. Better to get camoflauged with the surroundings.
  • Avoid wearing Red / Yellow / Orange / Pink / White / Fluorescent colored clothes as Animals gets distracted from it.
  • Strictly no Deodrants and Perfumes. Animals have strong senses and Honey Bees can attack.
  • Carry scarf to cover your face and camera to protect from heat and dust.
  • Carry your personal medicines as the same would not be easily available near the jungle premises.
  • Carry extra cash with you for emergency or for Shopping. There wont be ATMs available.
  • Avoid wearing gold ornaments.
  • Carry Water Bottle during the Safari. Drink ample amount of water at the resort and during the trip to keep yourself hydrated.
  • You can carry snacks / biscuits during the safari but ask guide for permission before consuming it. Offer it to the Guide and the Driver.
  • No one is allowed to get down from the gypsy in reserved forest. However one can get down at the common halt point for breakfast and washroom.
  • Making loud noise and playing music is strictly not allowed in the forest.
  • Do not try to touch or feed wild animals.
  • Do not litter. Keep the area clean. Respect Nature.
  • We believe in the saying - Leave nothing behind, take back only Memories.

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