James Fernandes
Owlet Outdoor's...My Link With Nature..

Well,I have been trekking since my Boy Scout days in School & clearly remember my first trek to KondeshwarWaterfall's,Badlapur.I also remember the immense pain & numbness in my feet & calves after that trek.The taste of the piping Hot Chicken Soup my Mom made that evening,still lingers,it was bliss after being cold & wet the whole day.I make no claims to being a hardened & consistent trekker,but I have trekked with many groups & have been to some amazing places across Maharashtra & Goa.I do claim, to being a good student of History & visiting such places of Immense historical significance, does fascinate me.The strategic location's & breathtaking natural beauty surrounding such places, just add's to the thrill & overall experience.Believe me,it was a luxury to have photo's taken,those days unlike now.But it was easy to just sit still,at a high vantage point on the mountain top,just feeling the breeze,soaking in the jaw dropping view...just visually capturing those moments.

I have been trekking with Owlet Outdoor's for the past 2 yrs & share a special bond with the founder's & Core team member's.It would be safe to say that they are my extended family.

What does one expect from a Trekking group?
Well if this question pertain's to Owlet Outdoor's,they tick most of the check box's & much more. Right from the effortless organizing & execution of each event.Following the principle of,'Safety First',here is a team that is Qualified,Proactive,Alert,Knowledgable & Well Informed.(A healthy mix & must for any trekking group)

What impresses me the most is the healthy bond & respect you share with the Lovely village folk wherever we go.The goodwill that you have garnered over the years,benefits us in terms of the love & care we get & not forgetting (my personal favorite)amazing home cooked village food (still remember the Seafood fiesta on our, 'Khanderi-Underi' trek).

Well, this Monsoon Trekking season has started with a Bang,with completion of three amazing treks,Sarasgad,Manikgad(a real Endurance test) & Garbett Point,all thanks to you.To say the least,each trek with you is a live History lesson.Your knowledge of the local flora & fauna is an added bonus.Your tips & inputs are helping me evolve as a better & responsible trekker & as a custodian of our very fragile,biodiverse & unique environment.With you,I have had some amazing memories & made,'Friends for Life'.Looking forward to more fascinating Offbeat Adventure's,Etching new memories & Forging new bond's.

Cheer's & God Bless Team 'Owlet Outdoor's'

Love James Fernandes.

Hitesh Parmar
I did my Garbett Plateau Trek with Owlet Outdoors and had a great time.The trek leads had a good knowledge about the place and different routes.The trek was managed perfectly by them.Highly recommended.

Vaidehi Potdar Dabhade
The bandhavgarh jungle safari organized by owlet outdoors was fantastic ! Right from pickup to awesome resort stay and delicious food to well planned safaris, each one of us thouroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for making it a memorable trip !

Special thanks to Shilen Nimbalkar for being a fantastic guide taking care of each and every person and aspect !

Shaktivrat Khanvilkar
Over few years of my trekking period, I realized that journey time is much greater than actual event most of times. So, having a good company during this long period becomes must. All events I did with Owlet Outdoors, I found people are fun and easy to mingle with. Not to say execution of events is also very good. You are sure to make some good memories with them. Highly recommended by me.

Priyanka Nikam
Being a travel(addict) person, I have have been traveling with different groups/ people, the experience with Owlet outdoors is just amazing. Owlet outdoors is specialist in wild life safaries, trekking, guided trips to hidden places. Pocket friendly but top notch arrangements, like minded group of people are few other highlights. I have been traveling with this group for a year now and have attended Solapur/Bijapur trip and couple of wildlife safaries. Organizer is reliable, approachable, flexible and full of knowledge. I would highly recommend travelling with Owlet Outdoors if you want to explore the places, interested in photography, Keen to know the information about the places you are visiting, looking for a amazing wildlife experience.

Tejas Shigwan
Though this is a newly formed group, people managing it, have years of experience and expertise in trekking and organising tours. One thing I like most about owlet is they come up with unusual locations and they try to share as much as information possible about flora-fauna and history of that place. If you are a true trekker and nature lover then this is the best group to go with.

Gurpreet Kaur Mann
Excellent People with excellent Guidance!! They are Super Explore Lovers and will Let You Have Every Bite of Enjoyment Along!! Kudos to Sameer and Jyoti!! Im Damn excited For my Next Outdoor With Owlet!

Shivani Gupta
Amazing trek organizers with fun thrilled group...the trek was amazing with more amazing management...greatly recommended.

Sucheta Thakur
I recently visited Bandavgad for wild life safari through owlet outdoors. My experience with Owlet Outdoors was excellent. The food and stay at resort was also very good. I also appreciate the Tour Manager for giving information and knowledge regarding the forest and about wild life in forest.

Sushant Khairmode
काही लोकांना अनोळखी लोकांसोबत फिरून ट्रेक करून नवीन मित्र बनवायला आवडतातकाही लोकांना ओळखीच्या जिगरी मित्रांसोबत फिरायला आवडतं तर काही लोकांना फक्त आपल्या फॅमिली सोबत फिरायला आणि वेळ घालवायला आवडतंपण Owlet Outdoors म्हणजे माझ्यासाठी कधीकाळी अनोळखी असतील असं वाटणारही नाही अशा जिगरी लोकांची फॅमिली, प्रत्येक ट्रेकचा इव्हेंट करणारे खूप ग्रुप होते आहेत व यापुढे पण असतील, पण निसर्गाशी व सह्याद्रीशी प्रामाणिक राहून 'ट्रेकपणजपणारे खूप कमी ग्रुप आहेतकमी म्हणजे हाताच्या बोटांवर मोजण्याइतके ते देखील एका हाताच्यात्यातलाच एक म्हणजे "Owlet Outdoors" जास्त विचार करू नका, Owlet सोबत एकदा नक्की या